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Attorney Jeff Hayden talks with experts on various legal topics, with listener participation.

An Evening with J. Tony Serra

Listen to An Evening with J. Tony SerraTonight, a rebroadcast from Nov. 30, 2022, in which YLR Host Jeff Hayden s joined by San Francisco attorney J. Tony Serra.To anyone who has followed the law, much less criminal law in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tony Serra needs no introduction. To defense attorneys, J. Tony Serra is nothing short of a master. Mr. Serra stands out in local, regional and national media as a legend. Those familiar such diverse movies as True Believer, Where the Buffalo Roam or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas have seen characters seemingly based, at least in part, on Tony Serra. Enjoy a chance to have listen to one of the most interesting and colorful local folks in our era.

Mid-2023 Landlord Tenant

Listen to Mid-2023 Landlord TenantAs the Assembly sends the question of limiting security deposits off to the Senate, Alameda County delays lifting an eviction moratorium into at least July, we ponder what else is changing in the arena of landlord-tenant law.Join YLR host JEFF HAYDEN and his guests, Jessica Chylik and Sal Timpano for the next installment of this important discussion.Questions for Jeff and his guests? Please call, toll-free, at (866) 798-8255.

Do Animals Have Rights?

Listen to Do Animals Have Rights?Do animals have rights? Tonight on Your Legal Rights, we're talking about animal law.YLR host, Jeff Hayden, and tonight's co-host, Dean Johnson, are joined by Jared Goodman, General Counsel of Animal Law for The Peta Foundation, Corey Page, the founding partner Of Evans & Page, and courtesy of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Carter Dillard, formerly Director of Litigation for The Animal Legal Defense Fund.Questions for Jeff, Dean and their guests? Please call us, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.