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Attorney Jeff Hayden talks with experts on various legal topics, with listener participation.

YLR: Estate Planning

Listen to YLR: Estate PlanningWhat happens if I die without a will? What does it matter if my property transfers through, or avoids probate? I just learned that a friend named me as executor. what have I gotten myself into; must I agree? Tonight we plan for those people and things that live on beyond us, as we plan for our estates, property, and possessions and transferring them to our loved ones To guide us tonight, YLR host Jeff Hayden, and tonight’s co-host Josh Borger, is an all-star cast and we’re taking a look at planning your estate with Alexandra Gadzo, Janet Brewer, and Cheri Michaelis. Question for Jeff, Josh and their guests? Call toll-free at (866) 798-8255.

YLR: Proposition 19, Your Property and Washington in Crisis

Listen to YLR: Proposition 19, Your Property and Washington in CrisisIn the first segment we look to the recently passed Proposition 19, which broadens the ability of some homeowners to transfer their tax assessments to another residence within the state, while at the same time limiting the ability to avoid reassessment for inherited homes. YLR host Jeff Hayden is joined by Hon. Carmen Chu, the elected Assessor for the City and County of San Francisco, to explain the origins and effect of the new taxation scheme; then San Francisco trust and estates attorney Ron Peoples helps people identify how and if people should change their estate plan to accommodate. In the final segment, Jeff is joined by legal and political analyst Dean Johnson to discuss the strategizing that is going on behind the scenes and the future of the Republican party, and Jamal Anderson to talk about how current events look and feel through the eyes of someone who has lived in D.C. for some ten years and worked on Capitol Hill. Questions for Jeff and his guests? Call Toll Free at (866

YLR: Trump's Last Stand ??

Listen to YLR: Trump's Last Stand ??The end of the Trump administration is near – or is it? Legal and political analyst Dean Johnson and Professor Lawrence Douglas will join us to look forward to what is expected to be President Trump’s last stand, and address What happens next week? Does President Trump still have a shot at overturning the election results? If all of Mr. Trump’s legal tactics fail, what’s next? When (and if) former-President Trump finally does leave-what happens to him, and to the Republican Party and to Democracy in America? In other words: is this Trump’s last stand? Legal or Political Questions for Jeff and his guests? Please call toll free at (866) 798-8255.