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Reliable Juvenile Defense Attorney Representing Minors in San Jose & Palo Alto

Unfortunately, even one juvenile offense conviction can send a child down a dangerous path, forever altering their potential and career prospects. Committed to protecting Redwood City and San Mateo County minors, Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law is a criminal law specialist who brings nearly three decades of experience to every case.

Rights as a California Juvenile

Juveniles enjoy many of the same rights as adults, including the right to remain silent and refusal to answer questions posed by law enforcement officials. Juveniles also have the right to have an attorney present during police questioning, as well as the right to have a parent present upon request. Finally, juveniles have a right to privacy in their bedroom and closed containers — a tool box, for example, or a makeup kit in the bathroom.

Keep in mind that even if a parent says it’s okay, law enforcement officials cannot enter and/or search your closed containers.

Common Juvenile Cases

Attorney Jeffrey B. Hayden has extensive experience representing California minors, particularly with cases involving vandalism, assault, theft (petty, grand and auto), drug abuse, alcohol-related offenses, gang violence, weapon charges, and drug possession/distribution.

Take Charge of Your Future

Unfortunately, California juveniles do not have the right to bail. Decisions regarding release and detention are under the discretion of California judges. That said, if your child has recently been charged with a juvenile offense, he or she has the same right to fight the charges as any adult. Their future may be on the line, so don’t go down without a fight. Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law will do everything he can to protect their rights and future.

Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law provides first-rate juvenile defense to minors in San Jose and Palo Alto. Contact our Redwood City office today at (650) 368-5700 to schedule your free consultation.