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If illegal drugs or controlled substances are found on your person, in your vehicle, or in your home, you will likely be arrested and charged with drug possession.

Typically, this offense is considered a misdemeanor, meaning that the punishments—while still hefty—are not nearly as severe as those for felonies. However, when an arresting officer sends your case to the district attorneys, it’s highly likely that prosecutors will seek to increase your charges from simple possession (misdemeanor) to possession with intent to sell (felony). While they will still be required to present enough evidence that shows you were actively intending to sell the drugs or illegal substances to another individual or party, don’t let them take control of your future. Contact Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law immediately if you are facing possession for sale charges, and he will develop a highly effective legal strategy designed to fight for reduced charges, or the outright dismissal of charges altogether.

Anticipating the Prosecution’s Strategy

In order for the judge and/or jury to find you guilty of possession with intent to sell, the prosecution must demonstrate three key elements. First, they will need to show that illegal substances were in your possession. They will then need to prove that you had full knowledge that these substances were in your possession and that you were aware that possessing these substances was illegal. Finally, they must present evidence that you intended to sell the controlled substance to another party. In most cases, it all comes down to the amount of the controlled substance in your possession—the larger the quantity, the easier it is for prosecutors to make their case that you intended to sell the substance. Additionally, any drug paraphernalia found in your home, such as scales, baggies, or other tools may strengthen their position.

Don’t Leave Your Future up to Chance

Since prosecutors and law enforcement officers will work hard to build a strong case against you, it is critical that you work with a highly-skilled and well-respected criminal defense attorney. If you step back and leave your fate in the hands of others, you could face serious consequences that will impose restrictions on your future. A conviction for the possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell is a felony, with a possible prison sentence of two to four years. You may also be required to pay up to $20,000 in fines as well. Additionally, even when you’ve served your time and are trying to move on with your life, your criminal record will certainly limit your employment and housing prospects.

Fighting Hard For Your Freedom

Attorney Jeffrey B. Hayden has devoted his professional career to working within the criminal justice system. He understands the system’s many complexities, and he knows how to prepare a successful defense for each of his clients. In fact, not only is he highly valued by those he’s represented over the years—his fellow lawyers and professional peers recognize him as an exceptional attorney. When you schedule your free consultation with Mr. Hayden, you can trust that you are in excellent and capable hands. Together, you will discuss your best options and work hard to ensure that you enjoy a bright future.

For nearly three decades, Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law has litigated thousands of drug crimes cases, always striving to ensure that his clients obtain the best outcome possible.

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