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As if being convicted of a crime in California were not stressful enough, there are long-lasting impacts that can significantly derail your life and limit your freedom. Non-U.S. citizens are particularly vulnerable to devastating consequences following a criminal conviction, such as deportation. Their removal from the country will then make them unable to become U.S. citizens or to ever achieve legal residency in the U.S. Even for legal citizens, jail time is not always the most productive solution for convicted individuals, nor is it necessarily best for society as a whole.

Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law has spent nearly three decades working within the criminal justice system, so you can trust that he will work hard to explore and advocate for post-conviction relief. No matter what your concerns or circumstances may be, Mr. Hayden will fight hard to achieve a successful outcome.

Post-Conviction Relief for Non-Citizens

When a non-U.S. citizen is convicted of a crime, the law states that they may be deported. For many immigrants, the prospect of deportation is more frightening than jail time or paying expensive fines—they are devastated about forfeiting all their hard work towards attaining legal residency or even citizenship. Fortunately, the process of post-conviction relief allows the individual and their attorney to seek to have the conviction contested, reduced, or vacated, which could ultimately allow the non-citizen to remain in the U.S.

There are several options for seeking post-conviction relief, including issuing a motion for re-sentencing, a motion to overturn the conviction due to the ineffectiveness of your previous lawyer, requesting that the conviction be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, or issuing a motion to withdraw your previous plea of guilty or no-contest because you were unaware of the legal consequences. Knowledgeable criminal defense attorney Jeffrey B. Hayden will examine the specifics of your case to determine the best legal strategy for pursuing post-conviction relief and achieving you the best possible outcome.

Other Forms of Post-Conviction Relief

As California’s criminal justice system is undergoing several evaluations as to how to improve the overall process for offenders and society as a whole, more judges are turning to alternate forms of sentencing and post-conviction relief. Rather than locking someone away who is suffering from substance abuse or mental health problems, which ends up depriving them the professional help they need, judges are increasingly recommending alternatives to prison, such as a drug treatment facility, halfway house, or other treatment program that connects the individual with the resources they need. As your attorney, Jeffrey B. Hayden will examine your situation and seek to obtain the most appropriate solution that will provide you with the support and resources necessary to help you become a more productive member of society. Reach out today to speak to a highly-respected certified criminal law specialist who will fight for your future.

The consequences of a criminal conviction in California can have devastating and long-lasting effects on your future, especially if you are a non-U.S. citizen. To learn more about your legal options in San Jose and the greater Bay Area, contact Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law today by calling (650) 368-5700.