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If you have a prior felony conviction on your criminal record, you’re probably aware that, if convicted for another felony crime, you are likely to face harsher consequences, such as longer prison sentences and/or steeper fines. However, if you have two prior felony convictions, the “three strikes law” may come into play if you are charged with a third criminal offense.

“Three Strike” states like California allow judges to impose significantly more severe punishments on third-time offenders, so it’s essential that you contact experienced three strikes law criminal defense attorney Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law as soon as possible to stand by your side and advocate for you throughout the process.

Understanding the Three Strikes Law

Based on the “three strikes and you’re out” idea in baseball, the Three Strikes Law assumes that a person who is found guilty of committing three felony crimes should be “out.” Until 2012, this meant that anyone convicted of a third felony offense would automatically receive a prison term of 25 years to life. However, this resulted in prisons becoming full of many non-violent offenders, such as those convicted of felony drug crimes, who had little-to-no hope of ever being released back into society. Critics of the harshness of the Three Strikes Law began to advocate for more exceptions that would allow for non-violent offenders to have greater opportunities to improve themselves.

Proposition 36 Passed in 2012

With the passing of Proposition 36 in 2012, the mandatory 25-years-to-life sentence became applicable only to those considered to be violent or to have committed particularly “serious” offenses. It also allowed those who were previously punished under the previous version of the Three Strikes Law to petition for reduced sentences. Now, it is up to the individual judge to determine a more appropriate sentence for someone convicted of a third felony offense. While the punishment is likely to be significant, it typically offers more opportunities for the offender to strive to become a law-abiding citizen.

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